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Ready to have a gentle non-invasive solution literally at your fingertips for chronic headaches, migraines, teeth grinding, jaw aches, TMJ, shoulder tension, sinus pressure, the sudden neck tweak, vertigo, allergies, and so much more? 

Like many who deal with these types of chronic pain, you might live with anxiety about the next time it shows up, which is totally valid; this type of pain is intense and overwhelming. 


This category of “issues” that seemingly pop up out of nowhere can be so debilitating, and even bring your day to an abrupt halt. 


For example, have you ever felt overwhelmed with recurring headaches? Maybe felt like one was coming on and thrown yourself into anxiety, or at the pill bottle just to get through the next few hours? 

Also common - have you woken up with a tight jaw realizing you were grinding your teeth again? Feeling exhausted, maybe losing sleep because of pain, or because of the stress of the pain. 


This is so common, too common. 

Your pain, either chronic or acute, has most likely impacted your ability to care for your family, your social life, and your daily plans. 


Trying to do daily tasks with a throbbing headache, sinus pressure, clicking jaw, or neck tweak can be frustrating if not totally overwhelming. 

Not to mention the brain fog, lack of clarity, and a clear mind that comes with tension and stiffness in your head, neck, and jaw. 

On the flip side - you may not put yourself in the “chronic pain” category like mentioned above… 

but wouldn’t you say that these things do just “pop up,” (sometimes at the most inconvenient times!) And you might be thinking how nice it would be to have some tools in your back pocket to support if not heal the issues (other than with ibuprofen!)


If you’ve ever rolled out of bed only to find you couldn’t turn your head in one direction without pain… 

Well, there may just be something in here for you.

But before we go any further - let’s paint one last picture that is sure to hit home… 

Do you have a phone?


Do you spend hours a day on either? And do you feel the effects? 

Maybe it has all started to just feel “normal.” ⚠️⚠️⚠️

Your hunched shoulders, neck tension, eye strain, clenched jaw, brain fog, and lack of mental clarity…

This is the world we live in, but what preventive and healing measures are you taking for your neck, your back, your head, and jaw? 


What are you doing for your body to live in this world of technology, stress, and screens? 

There are many solutions that you are most likely familiar with to all of the above head, neck, and jaw pains. 
Maybe these solutions have helped you “get by” in times of need. 
However, most of them are invasive, short-lasting, and do not address the underlying issues (spoiler alert - it’s fascia!) 👈👈👈

Fascia is everywhere, covering your entire body from head to toe. 

Okay okay, there can be many other reasons WHY these issues pop up, but fascia is just under the surface of them all - literally. 


Healing your fascial tension is a significant piece of the puzzle (if not the puzzle itself.) 


It’s proven time and again that myofascial release self-care through touch and stretching makes long-lasting and effective changes within our tissues. 


 Therefore these practices support our immediate issues of pain, and release tension patterns that would have created pain in the future. 

Goodbye, recurrent jaw pain, headaches, and neck tension!👋👋👋
Hi I’m Lindsay Courcelle a Myofascial Release therapist, Craniosacral Practitioner, and mother.

I’m passionate about supporting people to create easeful pain-free lives through myofascial self-care techniques.

I created the Myofascial Release for the Head, Neck, and Jaw Masterclass, so that you can learn these tangible skills of hands-on myofascial release for daily practice. 

I have been a bodyworker and MFR therapist for 10+ years and get asked nearly every day about neck, back, head, and jaw pain within my practice. I’ve helped hundreds of my clients heal their chronic pain and nurture their bodies through hands-on touch and supported at-home practices. 

It was through my own experience of being an in-person therapist, running my online business, being a mother of two, and managing a household, that I have learned the importance of these tools to be in every family's repertoire. 

We live in a modern age of chronic stress, busy schedules, phones, computers, and lack of sleep. All of these elements weigh heavily on our head, neck, and jaw health. I’ve created this class as a resource and packed it full of tools and practices that can be used as immediate relief and preventative health care for the whole family. 

Myofascial Release is not massage and massage is not MFR.  

Fascial restrictions can exert a crushing pressure of 2000 pounds per square inch, like having an elephant sitting on your chest.


Simple MFR techniques can shift this weight, and make your whole body feel lighter.


Myofascial Release creates a sense of balance and ease within the body through releasing long-held fascial restrictions and with that, emotional stagnation as well. 


In other words, tending to your fascia is so much more than rubbing your shoulders…


It's a deeper practice that can transform your tissues and any stored memories, trauma, and feelings within them.

This masterclass supports busy women (and men!) who have chronic or occasional head and jaw pain (TMJ, teeth grinding, headaches, migraines, sinus pressure, eye strain, and more) as well as shoulder and neck pain (shoulder tension, kinks in the neck, strain, knots, and the effects of excessive use of phone and computer.)


It helps with effective long-lasting pain relief and is a preventative tool to break the patterns of recurrent pain in these areas through holistic non-invasive measures. 


This masterclass supports you in achieving an easeful, pain-free life through the unique and proven techniques of myofascial release for the head, neck, and jaw!

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What past clients have said...


"The work I’ve had done by Lindsay encompassed working with a large scar on my arm with fascial adhesions reaching into my breast. Her care and guidance through the session supported me through large emotional and cathartic releases and holding space as I journeyed into the deepness of this area of my body. Her touch, care, and connection during the hands on treatment was exactly what I needed but had never known. She is an expert in her field and I felt so held and able to access the tender emotions that lay just beyond the surface of my chest because of her guidance and responsive touch. I highly recommend any women that are desiring a deeper connection, clarity, and a physiologic healing to learn from Lindsay. This work is a gift and should be known by all women and mothers to care for our children and selves."

- Lora Amber

"I’ve tried all kinds of somatic practices, breast massage & healing work — nothing has softened the layers around my heart the way the practices in Lindsay’s workshop did. I couldn’t believe it… how is *this* level of sensation and emotional release possible in just 8 minutes?! She’s an incredibly gifted and intuitive healer. Just sign up, you’ll be so thankful you did!"

 - Katya Nova, Matriarch Collective

"Lindsay is a truly skilled Body Worker with an intuitive sense and a lovely emotional presence. The first time I received body work from her, it was to address an unrelenting migraine, and through her gentle, myofascial unwinding, my headache was resolved. Since then I have had the opportunity to do a 15 hour myofascial intensive over the course of five days, which resulted in not only visible alignment changes, but also marked improvement of the placement and mobility of my pelvic tissues. 

I’ve received a lot of bodywork in my life, and I myself run a holistic pelvic health practice involves both hands on/hands in work. I consider Lindsay to be a trusted resource,  both personally and professionally, and I truly recommend her to any women wanting to improve their pelvic health, resolve pain, and pursue an integrated approach to healing."

-Adelaide Meadow

Order now and you will receive… 

 ✓2-hour recording of live masterclass   

✓ Step-by-step walkthrough of head, neck, and jaw anatomy and the fascial planes so you can feel confident and capable of practicing on your own

✓ An in-depth explanation of myofascial theory  

✓ A tool kit of proven Myofascial head, neck, and jaw techniques that you can practice each day as part of your self-care routine

Recorded Q&A with the most common head, neck, and jaw questions answered 

✓ 3-month access to recording and all bonuses

✓ BONUS video - The #1 technique to heal TMJ

✓ BONUS Video - What to do for acute “can't move your neck” pain

Say Yes to your healing!

Through this masterclass you will:


✳ Learn tools for immediate relief and comfort from common head, neck, and jaw pain so you can alleviate pain when it comes on with ease using noninvasive methods. 


Find a new sense of empowerment through the knowledge and skills gained during the class, giving you self-sufficiency and agency in your own healing in times of need. 


Gain an enhanced sense of self-awareness by cultivating a deeper understanding of your body, your head, neck, and jaw triggers, and what to do when the first signs of unease arise.


✳ Have new awareness around your patterns of movement and what actions you’re taking in daily life that might be creating the tension and pain you’re trying to avoid.


✳ Have the opportunity to get curious, ask yourself questions, and feel supported as we relate and connect over the too-common complaints of our backs, shoulders, necks, and heads. 


✳ Receive 3-month access to the masterclass so you can take your time, return again and again, and continue the practice with guided support. 

Love from my other Masterclasses...  

"I really appreciate the thorough content provided in the course. I have taken a number of "free" master classes that have been nothing more than a glorified advertisement for more expensive classes. These past experiences have made me leery of anything called a "master class". But I was not at all disappointed by you class. Thank you!"

 -Bethany Kempfert

"After the class I noticed spaciousness, nervous system thawing, joy/lifted mood, connection to self, decreased neck tension and a little release through my face. This was amazing. I've been having a really really tough time and have been in a deep freeze and not wanting to do the things I normally do to care for myself. This brought me back to me- I feel connected again. THANK YOU. it was simple, accessible, and profound. I'm so excited about this work!"

 -Alena Kumta

"My husband is a Rolfer, I am Manual Lymph Drainage (Vodder certified) and this was a no-brainer course for me to show up for. I absolutely love the work and appreciate you offering this on Zoom. Thank you so much!"

-Lauren Brown

"I really love how you held the course-the way you spoke through it and added in visualizations, as well as periods of silence, was really in balance. Thank you!"

-Mikayla Lambert

"Lindsay, you approached this teaching with such grace and skill. Your openness and vulnerability really came through to reach into our hearts. So many women could use this work and I applaud you for creating a wonderfully profound course. I would just like to thank you and tell you how amazing you are. Your light shines through this work. What an honor to have taken your class."

-Cindy Wysocki

"Thank you very much for this course. It has really shifted my focus and connection. Just being able to spend the time to slow down and attend to myself in this way and fully understanding the depth of this work through my physiology was a lovely experience for me."

-Maria Portnaya

You’d invest nearly $200 an hour to get Myofascial treatments and self-care education within my in-person practice.
I’ve created this Masterclass with my thousands of hours of bodywork skills so that you can have 3-month access and the flexibility to do these practices at home and on your own schedule.



This Masterclass and bonuses are valued at $275,  
I'm committed to sharing this valuable information with women everywhere, so today, you can access it for a single, straightforward payment of $133!


Yes! I'm in!


More love... 

"Lindsay has worked on me several times over the years. Her intuition and knowledge of the human body is amazing. She has helped me release adhesions from surgery and discover connections between my neck and hip pain that no other bodywork found. Her presence is calming and comforting. Lindsay is always learning something new to help her clients achieve wellness, her passion to help heal is apparent and admiral."

-Amanda McAllister

"I felt a deep, deep sense of peace and letting go as I was doing the treatments. A nice warm sensation filled my whole body and I felt my throat chakra release and open, like I was breathing air through it. I would recommend this workshop to every human, so they can feel the power of their own self healing. This workshop was so powerful. I will be doing these practices often! THANK YOU!!"

 -Jenna Street

"The class most definitely raised my awareness about how everything is connected in my body and soul. And the empowering knowledge that I am able to support my body and soul in releasing stored energies. My biggest breakthrough surely was the sense of female power that emerged during our time together. I am deeply grateful, dear Lindsay! Thank you for sharing this and for being vulnerable and gentle in leading us through this beautiful workshop."

 -Rebecca Heisterhoff 

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As a reminder here is everything you get when you order today…

 ✓2-hour recording of live masterclass  

✓ Step-by-step walkthrough of head, neck, and jaw anatomy and the fascial planes so you can feel confident and capable of practicing on your own

✓ An in-depth explanation of myofascial theory  

✓ A tool kit of proven Myofascial head, neck, and jaw techniques that you can practice each day as part of your self-care routine

Recorded Q&A with the most common head, neck, and jaw questions answered 

✓ 3-month access to recording and all bonuses

✓ BONUS video - The #1 technique to heal TMJ

✓ BONUS Video - What to do for acute “can't move your neck” pain

Valued at $275 
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