Early Bird Discount! Myofascial Self-Care for Pregnancy

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What you'll get within the Myofascial Self-Care for Pregnancy

  • LIVE 2-hour masterclass with myofascial theory and anatomy, hands-on techniques and continued daily practice, Q+A, integration, and reflection  ($250 value)
  • Self-care myofascial ball shipped to you!
  • Lifetime access to all recordings of Live Masterclass, Q&A portion, AND Bonus videos 
  • PLUS 2 special pre-recorded bonus videos -  Essential energy healing for the postpartum time, Tending to scars in preparation for pregnancy, AND bonus download Quick guide to Vaginal Steaming Postpartum ($50 value)


LIVE Class takes place Saturday, May 25th, 12-2 PM PST over Zoom 

If you can't make it live a recording will be up within 24 hours for lifetime access! 


What past clients have said...

Lindsay is a truly skilled Body Worker with an intuitive sense and a lovely emotional presence. The first time I received body work from her, it was to address an unrelenting migraine, and through her gentle, myofascial unwinding, my headache was resolved. Since then I have had the opportunity to do a 15 hour myofascial intensive over the course of five days, which resulted in not only visible alignment changes, but also marked improvement of the placement and mobility of my pelvic tissues. I’ve received a lot of bodywork in my life, and I myself run a holistic pelvic health practice involves both hands on/hands in work. I consider Lindsay to be a trusted resource, both personally and professionally, and I truly recommend her to any women wanting to improve their pelvic health, resolve pain, and pursue an integrated approach to healing.

Adelaide Meadow

I’ve tried all kinds of somatic practices, breast massage & healing work — nothing has softened the layers around my heart the way the practices in Lindsay’s workshop did. I couldn’t believe it… how is *this* level of sensation and emotional release possible in just 8 minutes?! She’s an incredibly gifted and intuitive healer. Just sign up, you’ll be so thankful you did!

Katya Nova, Matriarch Collective

When I was 8 months pregnant I was blessed to receive a MFR session with Lindsay. I was immediately drawn to her calm peaceful presence and the warmth she imbued. She held beautiful space physically and energetically for my body to soften and receive and felt like it was such a gift in my pregnancy. To be held in the hands of a wise woman felt like the best form of prenatal care for me and my baby to prepare for the journey of birth. I highly recommend Lindsay’s guidance and teachings to anyone but especially to a pregnant woman looking to connect in more deeply with herself and her baby.

Bea Butler

The work I’ve had done by Lindsay encompassed working with a large scar on my arm with fascial adhesions reaching into my breast. Her care and guidance through the session supported me through large emotional and cathartic releases and holding space as I journeyed into the deepness of this area of my body. Her touch, care, and connection during the hands on treatment was exactly what I needed but had never known. She is an expert in her field and I felt so held and able to access the tender emotions that lay just beyond the surface of my chest because of her guidance and responsive touch. I highly recommend any women that are desiring a deeper connection, clarity, and a physiologic healing to learn from Lindsay. This work is a gift and should be known by all women and mothers to care for our children and selves.

Lora Amber

$77.00 USD

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BONUS: Add Flow: Internal Pelvic Myofascial Masterclass

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Because you are ready to care for your pregnant body, you are also ready to care even deeper for you sacred center. 


What you'll get within Flow: Internal Pelvic Myofascial Masterclass:

  • Recording of 2 hour live Masterclass with myofascial theory, pelvic anatomy, hands-in technique and continued daily practice, Q+A, integration, and reflection  ($200 value)
  • 3 Month access to all recordings of Masterclass, Q&A portion, AND Bonus videos 
  • BONUS - Daily MFR Self-Care Tracker PDF
  • PLUS 2 special bonus videos on frequently asked topics of Internal Self-Treatment Tools AND How to do Yoni Steaming ($50 value)

You can reconnect with your pelvic bowl, heal your pelvic health, revitalize your creative and sexual energy, release your stored trauma, and come home to your female body.