Supporting women to alchemize their pain and trauma into joy and lifelong health through the use of heart healing practices and myofascial at-home self-care techniques and in-person sessions. 


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I’m Lindsay Courcelle, a Myofascial Release therapist, Holistic Pelvic CareTM and HeartHealingTM practitioner, a writer, and mother of two. 

I’m passionate about guiding women into their highest health and wholeness through deep connection and reprioritization of self. 

I have been a body worker and MFR therapist for 10+ years and have seen the lack of breast and pelvic care that many women have. I’ve helped hundreds of my female clients nurture their bodies through hands-on touch and have supported their at-home practices. 

More About Me
Lindsay Courcelle Sitting
"The work I’ve had done by Lindsay encompassed working with a large scar on my arm with fascial adhesions reaching into my breast. Her care and guidance through the session supported me through large emotional and cathartic releases and holding space as I journeyed into the deepness of this area of my body. Her touch, care, and connection during the hands on treatment was exactly what I needed but had never known.
She is an expert in her field and I felt so held and able to access the tender emotions that lay just beyond the surface of my chest because of her guidance and responsive touch. I highly recommend any women that are desiring a deeper connection, clarity, and a physiologic healing to learn from Lindsay. This work is a gift and should be known by all women and mothers to care for our children and selves."
- Lora Amber
"I’ve tried all kids of somatic practices, breast massage & healing work — nothing has softened the layers around my heart the way the practices in Lindsay’s workshop did. I couldn’t believe it… how is *this* level of sensation and emotional release possible in just eight minutes?!
She’s an incredibly gifted and intuitive healer. Just sign up, you’ll be so thankful you did!"
-Katya Nova
"Lindsay is a truly skilled Body Worker with an intuitive sense and a lovely emotional presence. The first time I received body work from her, it was to address an unrelenting migraine, and through her gentle, myofascial unwinding, my headache was resolved. Since then I have had the opportunity to do a 15 hour myofascial intensive over the course of five days, which resulted in not only visible alignment changes, but also marked improvement of the placement and mobility of my pelvic tissues. 
I’ve received a lot of bodywork in my life, and I myself run a holistic pelvic health practice involves both hands on/hands in work. I consider Lindsay to be a trusted resource,  both personally and professionally, and I truly recommend her to any women wanting to improve their pelvic health, resolve pain, and pursue an integrated approach to healing."
-Adelaide Meadow

Myofascial Masterclasses for your female body. 

Myofascial Self Care for Pregnancy 

A masterclass to support you in having an easeful and healing pregnancy. This class helps you achieve less pain, more fascial release, and deep connection through the unique techniques of Myofascial Release.

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Spiraling into the Heart:

Myofascial Breast Care Masterclass

A class to support women who struggle with disconnection, ache, or stored trauma in their breasts to achieve acceptance, confidence, sovereignty, and connection through guided hands-on myofascial breast self-care with specialized techniques for their emotional and physical well-being.

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Internal Pelvic Myofascial Masterclass

A class to support women to achieve better pelvic health, better sex, the release of stored traumas and emotions, as well as an overall newfound connection to their pelvis. Internal ease and flow is attainable for all women.

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Lindsay Courcelle

1:1 Support

Work with me 1:1 through virtual sessions, in-person sessions, HeartHealing™️ sessions, and in-person week-long Deep Alchemy immersions. 

My in-person offerings are located in Rutland, Vermont where we can do hands-on Myofascial Release and internal pelvic care. 

Can't make it to Vermont? We can still work together!  Click the button to learn more about Virtual Support.

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