HeartHealing is a revolutionary approach utilizing inner child work, meditative journeying and energy healing to heal the universal core wounds of the heart. 


We’ve all experienced challenges that impact our heart. For most of us, this happens at a young age. Whether it’s a trauma or loss, or simply feeling not enough, abandoned, judged or betrayed, we take the pain of these experiences and build a wall around our hearts to protect us from ever feeling this hurt again. But this wall can prevent us from opening fully to abundance, love and all of the beauty of life–from truly living the life of our dreams.


I have found that HeartHealing™ has provided resolution for some of my earliest childhood emotional trauma. The sessions are gentle and yet work very deeply. I’ve had profound realizations through this modality, and have been able to change unhealthy behaviors and patterns with complete ease. It has truly felt like magic.

Lindsay Courcelle

The heart has an energetic frequency thousands of times stronger than the mind, and so it makes sense to me that healing the heart is the way to truly transform your life. The way in which HeartHealing uses meditative journeying and hypnosis makes it very powerful. And the healing imprint–a recording to listen to every night before bed for 25 days–is my favorite part, as it supports the client in integrating the life-changing shifts that come up during the session.

HeartHealing was channeled and developed by Natasha Bray, a leader in trauma healing. I am currently in the process of becoming certified in Level 1 and Level 2 HeartHealing.

HeartHealing™ Clients are saying... 

Hannah Grace, somatic practitioner

"Embarking on a Heart Healing journey with Lindsay was a transformative experience. As a somatic practitioner, I greatly appreciated the grounded and safe space she provided throughout the session. Lindsay's unique approach allowed me to bridge an energetically detached relationship with my mother that persisted for over a decade.

During our time together, I delved into the depths of my heart space, uncovering overlooked childhood wounds. Lindsay's warm and empathetic presence facilitated an exploration of these long-held hurts with ease and grace.

The impact didn't end with the session; it extended into the following days, manifesting through powerful dreams that guided me forward on the path initiated during our session. I now find myself more present with my inner child, my mother, my children, and in my own role as a mother. Lindsay's Heart Healing has brought a profound sense of wholeness to my life.

If you're yearning for a transformative journey toward clarity and wholeness, Lindsay's Heart Healing is undoubtedly for you. Thank you, Lindsay, for the invaluable service you offer; it's a gift we all deserve."

Jen Wyatt

"My heart healing session with Lindsay was truly profound. Lindsay held beautiful space during the session and I felt pretty immediate shifts, which I didn’t expect. In the days following the session, I noticed a very positive change in my level of self-compassion. I would catch myself in moments where my mind would normally be self-critical, and I was easily shifting to thoughts of self-compassion, love, and understanding. I also noticed the intensity of grief I had been carrying was softer, more manageable.

I love how thorough the Heart Healing process is. It prepares you for the week leading up to the session and then for several weeks after with a customized recorded journey to continue on your own. I feel this makes a huge difference in the level of healing for the recipient, and I feel like I’ve walked away from this experience feeling much more self-love and grace. I’m looking forward to trying more sessions."

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