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My virtual sessions are a combination of the techniques I offer, including Myofascial self-care, Holistic Pelvic Care, guided visualizations and energy work.


Together, we decide the best ways to support you in fully healing your whole body, mind and spirit.


Assessment of the bony pelvic alignment, self-treatment exercises and lifestyle changes are always offered, as well as deeper energetic healing of past traumas. 


Virtual Healing Sessions are held on Zoom. 



To learn more about MFR hands-on work click here. 

To learn more about hands-on internal pelvic care click here. 

To learn more about HeartHealing™ click here.

Ready for a deeper dive? Check out my Deep Alchemy Immersion, an in-person week-long intensive




"I met with Lindsay to discuss some broad themes of my healing journey & inquire more about MFR. She responded with care, attention, & multiple resources packed with information to help me keep going. She also offered me perspective that brought some much needed clarity and hope. I especially appreciate Lindsay's intuitive approach that is rooted in the science & wisdom of myofascial release. I feel deeply held & guided by Lindsay both in group and 1:1 settings."

-Amber Peretz