Deep Alchemy Immersion 

In-Person Week-Long Immersion

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Deep Alchemy 

In-Person Week-Long Immersion

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Deep Alchemy Immersions include 10 or 15 hours of treatment in one week (Monday-Friday). Usually this is 3 treatments/day but may range from 2-4 treatments/day. I encourage patients to devote the week to healing and give themselves space to process and rest. 



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Benefits of Immersive Treatments 

Immersive treatments allow the patient to break through subconscious holding patterns that are locked in their tissue and preventing them from making progress on their healing journey, whether that be overcoming physical pain or healing emotional trauma, allowing oneself to feel joy, etc. 

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The cost for the Deep Alchemy Immersion is $3300 for 15 hours of treatment and $2300 for 10 hours of treatment. 


What does the Immersion include? 

The Deep Alchemy Immersion includes postural evaluation, hands-on Myofascial Release Therapy, Holistic Pelvic CareTM treatment, Craniosacral therapy and guided visualizations. For women, there is the option for internal pelvic therapy. There is also instruction in self-treatment so that you can continue your healing at home. 


Location, Travel and Accommodations 

Rutland, VT is a little city with a thriving year-round farmers market, a cute downtown and lots of beautiful murals. There is a small natural foods co-op, a large grocery store and a Walmart all within easy walking distance of my office, along with cafes and restaurants. 

Train: Rutland is accessible by Train from NYC (5-6 hours). My office is in walking distance of the train station and there are multiple AirBnBs in walking distance as well. 

Air: Rutland has a small airport with multiple flights daily from Boston. I have contact info for a taxi driver to accommodations in downtown Rutland for those who need to fly but don’t want to rent a car. Other airports that are accessible are: Burlington, VT (2 hours), Albany, NY (2 hours), Manchester, NH (2 hours) and Boston, MA (3 hours)

Accommodations: There are multiple AirBnBs in walking distance of my office and that is the accommodation I’d recommend for your visit. 

Deep Alchemy Inquiry Form

Let me know a little more about when and why you would like to do an in-person immersion. I try to get back to all inquiries within a week's times.