In-person Sessions 


Appointments are currently available in Rutland, VT at my main office and in Shrewsbury, VT at the historic SAGE schoolhouse.

The way MFR works best for almost everyone is to have 1-2 treatments per week for 4-6 weeks at first. This majorly accelerates healing and will give you a good sense of the change that is possible with MFR. It's also fine to just come once and see what you think, but just note that I'm usually booked out 4-6 weeks.

After your initial stretch of treatments, we can discuss a treatment plan and you can decide how to space your appointments, at first closer together and stretching out into maintenance or ‘as needed’ care.

To buy a package of 5 treatments, purchase it here first. Then you will be able to book your five sessions.


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Ready for a deeper dive? Check out my Deep Alchemy Immersion, an in-person week-long intensive


Massage Room
Massage Room

"What a deep transformational experience. I felt safe, seen and supported to fully surrender to my healing. I cant stop telling people about my experience and would recommend this work to anyone who feels the call to go deeper into themselves for healing. So grateful for Lindsay and her gifts!"

-Jessica Burlett

"Lindsay is a gifted healer who helped me work through issues with my pelvis and leg brought on by radiation therapy. My case was perplexing to the local medical establishment so Lindsay proved enormously helpful in understanding the nature of my problem, later confirmed by some world-class neurologists in NYC. I was in a lot of pain and she was able to find release points which gave blessed relief. She has an uncanny ability to find the precise spots that need TLC. I am constantly amazed at how she does it. I am much better now and I thank Lindsay as a major factor in my recovery."

-Sandy Bragg

"Lindsay's warm, grounded presence and powerful, intentional touch make for a potent combination. She immediately drew a connection between a traumatic experience I had and physical pain that manifested months later, which had never occurred to me before. She creates a beautiful space where it feels safe to truly relax. Highly recommend!"

-Natalie Levin