Pelvic Alchemy

A revolutionary approach to healing the core wounds of the pelvic bowl.

Yes Please

Are you ready for deep healing and transformation?

Imagine a depth of healing that not only addresses your physical ailments, but the emotions, traumas, or events that they stem from. 

What if you could pause and listen with intent to the pain in your pelvis and hear with clarity the story of its origin? 

How powerful would it be to then move through the physical and emotional, and let. it. go. 

What if you intuitively could feel into your own pelvic alchemy?

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Let me ask you this… 

Do you have trouble trusting the support of others? or maybe have an inability to stand up for yourself…

Do you ever feel like you are alone in this world? Or have a history of abandonment? 

Maybe you have shame about your body, especially your vulva or vagina…

Or do you have a lack of clarity about what you need and want in a sexual partner? 

It could be that you are like so many and just overwhelmed by life’s responsibilities and struggle with an inability to move forward…

These all could stem from the same place in your body, a place that is asking for support and tending. 

Your full, creative, and deep Pelvic Bowl. 

Let’s pause here and see how some of the things I mentioned above might be showing up PHYSICALLY in your body… 

Are you overwhelmed with your pelvic pain or dysfunction? 

This could look like: 

  • Endometriosis
  • Interstitial Cystitis
  • Menstrual Problems
  • Painful Intercourse
  • Tailbone Pain
  • Urinary Incontinence, Urgency and/or Frequency
  • Episiotomy Scars
  • Prolapse 

You absolutely can heal… 

And not just these physical ailments but the stuck emotional stories that are stored within them. 

Hi, I’m Lindsay - I’m a Myofascial Release therapist, Holistic Pelvic CareTM practitioner, HeartHealingTM practitioner, writer, and mother of two and I have over ten years of experience within the pelvic healing landscape. 

In my ten years as an internal pelvic floor therapist, I've seen patterns of the deepest wounds that women hold in their pelvis. 

As I've learned more about working with the subconscious mind, and the power of meditative journeying, I developed Pelvic Alchemy as a way for women to directly address the traumas they've experienced and transmute these and turn adversity into deeper connection, joy, and self-love.

I personally have struggled with my own pelvic traumas, including sexual assault, cervical dysplasia, tailbone injury, and more. I know that it's possible to heal our own wounds.

So through my experience and the experience of my thousands of clients… I’ve found that the combination of myofascial work and guided meditative journeying, as a way to work with the subconscious, is the most direct path to healing. 

Now there are A LOT of healing modalities out there these days… 

Like a lot. 

And that’s great! There will always be something for someone. 

And if you are wondering if this particular something is for you, then let me ask you this…

Are you open to healing the core wounds that are causing your emotional and physical pain? 

Because really, that’s it. 

That’s the only requirement. 

To have an openness and curiosity to look deeper and get real. 

Working with women through the years I’ve seen time and time again four core wounds appear over and over. 

The four core wounds that are universal within the pelvic bowl are, Loss of power, Lack of support, Shame, and Grief

For example, Loss of Power could come from…

  • Sexual assault
  • Not a full “yes”
  • Abuse
  • Lack of control in decision-making
  • Lack of consent in treatment by a medical professional

And how this might show up in your life now is… 

  • Inability to stand up for yourself
  • Can’t advocate for what you need in your life
  • Not able to overcome your own self-sabotage
  • Can’t pull yourself out of an abusive situation
  • Unable to use your voice and be seen in your business or life
  • A pattern of sex without a full “yes”
  • Checked out during intercourse
  • A lack of feeling or sensation in your pelvis
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Constipation
  • Pain with intercourse
  • Inability to have penetrative sex
And so on… 



These four core wounds are at the root of our Pelvic Health and vibrancy. 


And as I’ve seen time and time again when tended to and moved through… 


Pain disappears, pelvic dysfunction clears, sexual life dramatically improves, overall quality of life increases, and general abundance flows. 

Pelvic Alchemy uses meditative journeying to go right into your subconscious and discover the root cause of your wounds. 

By giving a voice to your past selves, and using the elements to draw from the ever support of the Earth, we can fully transmute and heal these past traumas.

Internal Myofascial Self-Care provides a scaffolding to continue to support the release of these wounds.

So, what’s included in Pelvic Alchemy’s 4-Week Group Offering

  • 4 powerful self-study modules, each with two parts: conscious and subconscious healing of each of the 4 core wounds of the pelvis
  • weekly live Q+A and integration calls
  • 4 weeks of Live support in a Private Facebook group

Through this course and weekly meetings, you will… 

  • Become connected to your pelvic bowl through guided visualizations and meditative journeying 
  • Dive deep into your own physical and spiritual pelvis through educational self-study lectures to do at your own pace 
  • Feel fully supported through the four weeks with live hour Q&A’s with myself and the other women in this community 
  • Get clarity and understanding about what is causing your physical and emotional pain via journal prompts, rituals, and exploratory exercises throughout.

Past Clients are saying... 

Adelaide Meadow

"Lindsay is a truly skilled Body Worker with an intuitive sense and a lovely emotional presence. The first time I received body work from her, it was to address an unrelenting migraine, and through her gentle, myofascial unwinding, my headache was resolved. Since then I have had the opportunity to do a 15 hour myofascial intensive over the course of five days, which resulted in not only visible alignment changes, but also marked improvement of the placement and mobility of my pelvic tissues. 

I’ve received a lot of bodywork in my life, and I myself run a holistic pelvic health practice involves both hands on/hands in work. I consider Lindsay to be a trusted resource,  both personally and professionally, and I truly recommend her to any women wanting to improve their pelvic health, resolve pain, and pursue an integrated approach to healing."

Jen Wyatt

"My heart healing session with Lindsay was truly profound. Lindsay held beautiful space during the session and I felt pretty immediate shifts, which I didn’t expect. In the days following the session, I noticed a very positive change in my level of self-compassion. I would catch myself in moments where my mind would normally be self-critical, and I was easily shifting to thoughts of self-compassion, love, and understanding. I also noticed the intensity of grief I had been carrying was softer, more manageable.

I love how thorough the Heart Healing process is. It prepares you for the week leading up to the session and then for several weeks after with a customized recorded journey to continue on your own. I feel this makes a huge difference in the level of healing for the recipient, and I feel like I’ve walked away from this experience feeling much more self-love and grace. I’m looking forward to trying more sessions."

Emily Hanger

"Lindsay's Myofascial Breast Care was deeply healing for me. First, the space she held was really powerful. She has such a calming and nurturing voice, and her cues, the way she talked about holding the tissue, it really shined through. And the other piece was to be in a group of women and be witnessed. What came up for me was one of the most painful and lonely times for me, which was after my baby Josephine died, because I had all this breast milk that came in and no one to give it to. Some of the loneliest times were when I would get up and pump at night, and just cry, and be so sad. And so to be in this virtual group of women even though they didn't know what was going on for me, and to be held in that space by Lindsay and be witnessed as I was moving this energy, it was like it reversed the loneliness and I could process losing Josephine in a new way. I used to call it my sad milk and my grieving milk. I didn't even want to donate it because I knew it was just full of so much sadness. So to be able to love on my breasts and be in those moments and be witnessed and be with other women was so powerful. "


As a reminder Pelvic Alchemy’s 4-Week Group Offering includes..

  • 4 powerful self-study modules, each with two parts: conscious and subconscious healing of each of the 4 core wounds of the pelvis
  • Weekly live Q+A and integration calls
  • 4 weeks of Live support in a Private Facebook group

It’s time sister… 

time to alchemize into your healing, your heart, and all that you are holding onto…

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